Issue 22 and Volume 10.

RANDOM SPARKS —The new water-works at Winnipeg, Manitoba, are completed. —Windsor, Conn., offers $1000 to the man that will catch its fire-bugs. —A new Boston theatre, the Bijou, is said to be building in thorough consistence with the most approved fire precautions. —Maquoketa, Iowa, having been pretty nearly obliterated by fire, now proposes to have water-works and a steam fire engine. —Several recent fires in Tallahassee have demonstrated anew the necessity of a steam fire engine and increased water supply in that city. —One copy of The Story of the New York Volunteer Fire Department and THE FIREMAN’S JOURNAL for one year for five dollars. (See advertisement.) —Chief Green, of Boston, last week examined a new kind of fire engine to be worked either by hand or horse pow’er, described elsewhere in these columns. —The Lynn correspondent to THE JOURNAL wishes to acknowledge his indebtedness to Chief Stamford of Salem…

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