Issue 22 and Volume 10.

AN UNJUST VERDICT. By the burning of the Park Theatre recently, two lives were lost. That hundreds of persons were not offered up as a burnt sacrifice on the altar of combustible construction was due to the fact that the fire occurred in the afternoon, when there was no audience in the house, rather than in the evening. A Coroner’s jury has been seeking to ascertain who was responsible for the death of these two men, and, on Monday last, rendered the following verdict: ” We find that John Leo came to his death by injuries received at the burning of the Park Theatre on October 30, 1882. The Inspector of the Building Bureau and the Fire Commissioners are hereby censured for neglect of duty in not condemning the proscenium walls of the said theatre, which were mere wooden partitions, and should have been of brick or fire-proof material; and…

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