Issue 22 and Volume 10.

MISCELLANY. CAPTAIN SHAW AND HIS AMERICAN TRIP. It does not appear that the Chief of the London Fire Brigade succeeded in erasing by his recent visit the undoubted prejudice which he managed to create against himself on the occasion of his first sojourn in the United States. He seems to have been unmercifully severe wherever he discovered a fault, and, from what we can read, not too complimentary even if he found something to admire. It was a little unfortunate for Captain Shaw, when he entered upon the command of the London Fire Brigade, that so much should have been made of him. It was also to be regretted, that when he had, so to speak, learned his work in the Brigade itself, he was not possessed of the requisite amount of humility which would lead him to consider that possibly there might be something else in the world to…

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