Issue 25 and Volume 10.

RANDOM SPARKS —The waterworks at Hannibal, Mo., have been completed, and are said to have cost about $100,000. —The hose-carts and trucks in the Fire Department at Buffalo, New York, are all placed on runners, the sleighing being fine. —The Denver Inter-Ocean says that “when Tom Clayton left the Fire Department, Denver lost an excellent Chief, and we can heartily concur in the good wishes which are still coming to him from all sides. He was a popular as well as an efficient officer.” —The Century Magazine for January is full of good things, the illustrated features of the journal being especially attractive. —An attempt was lately made to set the Riga (Russia) theatre on fire, but the flames were discovered in time. No report oi the fact was published in the St. Petersburg papers. —The Presbyterian minister in Hempstead, L. I., the Rev. Frank Hopkins, has joined a Fire…

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