Issue 3 and Volume 11.

THE NEWHALL HOUSE HOLOCAUST. THE destruction by fire of the Newhall House at Milwaukee last week, and the consequent sacrifice of the lives of eighty-five persons, was one of those terrible calamities that serves to startle the community, and to show to every one how lightly human lives are valued in the present age. Fires in hotels have been common of late years, but in a few instances only have their destruction involved the loss of life. That more lives have not been sacrificed in these burnings is not due to any human foresight or precaution, but solely to the fact that the fires have occurred at such hours that the occupants were enabled to escape. In the Newhall House fire the conditions were different, the flames appearing before daylight in the morning, when all its occupants were asleep. The rapidity with which the flames invaded every portion of the…

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