Issue 6 and Volume 11.

TOPICS OF THE DAY THE Fire Commissioners have recently issued in neat pocketbook form the “Code of Street Alarm Box, Special Building and Automatic Stations, with Assignments Thereto.” It gives all the street box and other call numbers, the numbers of apparatus and the Chiefs that respond to each station. It also contains the rules and regulations relating to the sending of alarms and special calls. Our thanks are due to Col. Carl Jussen, Secretary of the Board, for a copy of this valuable work. JANUARY has been a month of disastrous fires, as well as of sad catastrophes at sea, and of mortality among distinguished men. The destruction of life and property by fire recently has been so great that it ought to suggest to members of the Legislatures, now in session, the query whether it is not possible to provide enactments which will lessen the danger of fire.…

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