Issue 6 and Volume 11.

THE BAIREUTH FIRE BRIGADE. MISCELLANY. We recently copied from an exchange a ridiculous account of the Fire Brigade of Baireuth, and from our columns the account was transferred to the Fireman of London. This called forth the following letter to the editor of that paper, which we cheerfully reproduce, as requested, and for the credit of the Firemen of Baireuth. SIR-I am Commandant of the Gymnastic Fire Department at Baireuth, and, as a matter of fairness, we hope you will insert the following, which has reference to the undue criticism in your journal, Page 83, in your last issue. The whole article in the New York World is from end to end a miserable falsehood. At the time of the ” Parsival” Comedy referred to no fire occurred. Cavalry and infantry are never present at a fire. The Baireuth Gymnastic Fire Brigade is not composed of twelve, but of two…

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