Issue 7 and Volume 11.

MINOR TOPICS Ezra Emmert, of Dixon, Ill., sends us one of his life lines, designed as a means of escape for persons whose lives are imperilled from a burning building. It IS a half inch, cotton cord, which passes through two cylindrical rubber handles, which handles have slits in their sides so that they can be easily contracted to grasp the rope tightly. These handles serve as friction breaks to regulate the descent of the person using it. It is put up in compact form, weighs but one and a half pounds, and furnishes a cheap and ready means of escape from a burning building. The Bangor Extension Ladder Company have just supplied a comPlete outfit of ladders consisting of one Extension and four single fire ladders, for a new truck building, by J. M. Mayer of Rondout, N. Y„ for Kingston. J. A. Taggert, of the La France Manufacturing…

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