Issue 7 and Volume 11.

A NIGHT OF HORROR. Cases are of rare occurrence in which as in Byron’s “Prisoner of Chillon,” one’s hair grows white— In a single night, As men’s have grown from sudden fears, but there is a well-authenticated instance of this kind in the person of Charles B. Wardrop, the cigar-store man of No. 218 North Fourth street. This Newhall house fire in Milwaukee vividly recalls an incident in my early life,” remarked Mr. Wardrop to a St. Louis reporter, who dropped into his store for a few samples of the fragrant weed. “ My white hairs date from February 20, 1858, and if you care to hear the story I will tell it to you. The old Pacific Hotel in this city was opened for the reception of guests on Seventh and Poplar streets jon June 28, 1857. The hotel was three stories high, the first being occupied by stores,…

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