Issue 7 and Volume 11.

The JOKER Wife—“ Did you stop in at the fair ?” Hub.—“ Far-o, yes ! Awful expensive place!” A Chicago girl said she couldn’t remember the number of her shoes, and then got mad because somebody said it was a good deal to tax one’s mind “Do not put articles which have held milk into hot water,” says a domestic recipe. Is this an admonition not to drop the baby into the washboiler ? “I live in Julia’s eyes,” said an affected dandy in Coleman’s hearing. I don’t wonder at it,” replied George ; “since I observed she had a sty in them when I saw her last.” A man when he discovers that his shoe-string has loosened, airily swings his foot upon the nearest ash barrel, lager-beer keg, or other elevation, and makes all taut. Now when a lady—but we digress. Inquisitiveness rebuked : Mistress (to applicant for cook’s…

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