Issue 8 and Volume 11.

The JOKER A burglar got into the house of a country lawyer the other night. After a brief struggle, the lawyer succeeded in robbing him. A Chicago policeman shot eleven times at a burglar and each time missed. He was a member of the American Rifle Team, which accounts for his failure. Law Professor: “What constitutes burglary?” Student: “There must be a breaking.” Professor: “ Then if a man enters your door and takes a dollar from your vest pocket in the hall, would that be burglary ? ” Student: ” Yes, sir ; because that would break me.’ “ Were you not excited, colonel, when the fire-bell rang last night?” was asked of a Little Rock gentleman. “ O, no ; for you see my building stands off to itself and is not insured, consequently it would have no excuse to burn.” “Were you excited?” “No; for you see…

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