Issue 13 and Volume 11.

MINOR TOPICS Rumsey & Co. of Seneca Falls, recently shipped a steamer to Australia, and one to Brazil. Springfield, Ill., wants to buy a steamer, and as six different manufacturers are represented down there, they are so completely befuddled as to the kind they want, that it is doubtful if they purchase any. The Bangor (Maine) Extension Ladder Company are building for use of the New York City Fire Department, five more of their practical extension ladders. The fact of it is, New York uses none other excepting the Bangor Extension which is a sufficient guarantee as to the merits of those ladders. Send for a circular to Joseph S. Smith, Manager, Bangor, Maine. Ocean Fire Company No. 1 of Seabright, N. J., has decided to purchase a Button Engine from the manufactory at Waterford, N. Y. The opinions of Seabrighters on the Button Engine arc thus summed up: The…

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