Issue 17 and Volume 11.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. THE letters of “Tam O’Shanter” in THE JOURNAL have always been interesting and lively, and our readers will, no doubt, be pleased to learn that the writer of them, Will O. Pervere, of Lynn, has accepted the New England agency of THE JOURNAL, and will visit the various cities and towns in that section in pursuit of news for our columns. He is an old Fireman as well as a scribe, and we bespeak for him those courtesies Firemen so well know how to extend one to another. IT will be noticed that new and able correspondents contribute to THE JOURNAL each week, and thereby make a variety of interesting matters relative to the Fire Service. They give us news from all sections of the country and show the interest thaf Firemen are taking in their several Departments. We welcome fhem all to our columns, and…

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