Issue 17 and Volume 11.

ACROBATIC FIREMEN. There is a prevailing tendency upon the part of citizens of our cities, towns, and villages where there is a Fire Department, to exalt its comprehensiveness and superiority. The businessof putting out fires is largely an ornamental one. It is a spectacular drama with vivid scenic effects given before a large and appreciative audience, admission free, all expenses being (usually) paid by that unappreciated public benefactor known as the insurance company. There is a strong tendency for Firemen at a fire to do daring rather than sensible things. There is not as much Iclat in going into a smoking building and drenching out the incipient conflagration as there is in performing acrobatic feats on the top of long ladders, whose ends are stuck into windows that are vomiting forth flames that threaten to shrivel the Pipeman into nothingness, but there is more money for the public in doing…

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