Issue 17 and Volume 11.

DEATH BY FIRE. MISCELLANY. In our last issue we referred to the untimely death of Colonel Froidevaux, of the Paris Fire Brigade, in the discharge of duty. We are pleased to learn from the Insurance Record of London, that the French Government has issued agenerat orderproviding that in the event of any Fireman meeting with a fatal accident in an attempt to save life, his name should be retained on the roll of the corps, and such name, when the roll-call takes place on a general parade day, is to be answered to by the senior Fireman present with the words : “ Mart au feu.” Although modern Frenchmen disown the Bonapartes, this shows how the Napoleonic ideas live. It was the First Napoleon who decreed, upon a soldier dying under circumstances of supreme valor, that his name should always remain on the roll-call of his regiment, and that a…

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