Issue 17 and Volume 11.

The JOKER “I never think of appearing on the street, even in the daytime without a protector,” said a mincing old maid as she fastened one on over her chest. Julia wants to know how to keep her husband home at night, and an exchange advises her to have female minstrel shows in the parlor and beer saloons in the yard, &c. An old hag, while begging in front of a gentleman’s house, was told by the owner to move on when she turned upon him and dramatically uttered the following terrible curse; “May y’re doughters kindle fires with kerosene and y’re sons play with toy pistols.” —An Irishman had cut off the head of a turtle, and several days after was observed by a lady putting sticks in its mouth, which it bit with great violence. ” Why, Patrick,” said she, ” I thought that turtle was dead.” ”…

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