Issue 19 and Volume 11.

CITY & VICINITY NEW YORK DEPARTMENT. BOARD OF FIRE COMMISSIONERS. On Wednesday John J. Gorman was confirmed by the Board of Aidermen as Fire Commissioner for a term of six years. Mr. Gorman is thus made his own successor, he having completed a six years term on the first inst. For two years Mr. Gorman has been President of the Board, but at the meeting on Thursday, in accordance with what has been the custom in the Board, the Commis sioner having the shortest term to serve was made President, so that he is the presiding officer during the last two years of his term. Commissioner Van Colt was chosen President of the Board and Mr. Purroy Treasurer. Mr. Van Cott is now serving his second term as Commissioner, is thoroughly conversant with the Department, and is a pleasant, courteous gentleman in every sense. In politics he is a Republican,…

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