Issue 26 and Volume 11.

CITY & VICINITY NEW YORK DEPARTMENT. THE SCHOOL OF INSTRUCTION. The Board of Fire Commissioners has adopted the following general order regarding the School of Instruction: GENERAL ORDERS No. 4. The establishment of a school of instruction and the rules governing it, are hereby announced to the Department. Second Assistant Chief of Department Bonner is designated as Instructor of the school, with power to select two assistants from the uniformed force, to be detailed at his request by the Chief of Department. Until further orders the school will be located at the quarters of Engine Company No. 47, the third floor of which will be suitably arranged and fitted up with all necessary appliances for the purpose. The school will be divided into two classes. The first, or “Life-saving Corps,” to be devoted to instruction and training in handling and using scaling and ordinary ladders, life lines, etc., and all…

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