Issue 1 and Volume 12.

MANUFACTURERS OF APPARATUS AND SUPPLIES. E. B. CHANDLER, AGENT FOR THE GAMEWELL FIRE ALARM. Long before the advent of Paid Fire Departments made some more convenient and a quicker method than the old one of ringing up everybody in the town with bells from the various steeples and engine homes an impentive necessity for fire alarm, some active minds were already engaged in solving the problem, and, although they counted without ther host in believing that any such superb step forward as the Electric Fire Alarm would be instantly recognized and adopted by the various cities throughout the United States, thus insuring the inventors a liberal reward for their pains, trouble and inventive talent, yet as early as 1851, in the month of June, was produced before the authorities of the city of Boston, Mass., by Dr. Wm. F. Channing, of Boston, and Moses G. Farmer, of Salem, Mass., an…

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