Issue 8 and Volume 12.

MINOR TOPICS The Bangor Extension Ladder Company have had quite a large demand this season for their movable fire escapes—they being adapted for mills, colleges, asylums and in fact any high building. Send for a new circular to Joseph S. Smith, Manager, Bangor, Maine. —Last week St. Paul, Minn., awarded contracts for one first-class Ahren s Steam Fire Engine, to the Ahrens Manufacturing Company, of Cincinnati, O., one Hose Cart to the Fire Extinguishing Manufacturing Company, of Chicago H. P. Rugg, of St. Paul, 500 feet of Eureka Fire Hose; R. T. Whelpley of Chicago, 500 feet of Hercules Fire Hose, and Preston & North of Minneapolis. 1000 feet of best Hose. We are frequently asked, “ What is the best kind of a hydrant for Fire Department use ?” We know of none so good as the Chapman Hydrant. This hydrant has been exhibited at several Firemen’s conventions and…

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