Issue 16 and Volume 12.

MINOR TOPICS The Gamewell Fire Alarm is to be introduced at Elmira. The third-size Silsby Steam Fire Engine recently purchased for the Fire Department, Portland, Maine, will be publicly tested in that city at two o’clock in the afternoon to-day. The Button Fire Engine Company last week shipped one of their 3000 pound steam fire engine to Avoca, Iowa. Port Chester, N. Y., has purchased one of the celebrated Bangor Extension Fire Ladders and made this much needed addition to its already efficient Fire Department. The Waterford Advertiser says that Mr. George Gage is making for Holroyd & Co. (of the Button Steam Fire Engine Works) one of the largest lathes that has been built at his works for some time. The various castings and wrought iron parts weighed in the rough about 4% tons. It will be a splendid piece of machinery when finished. Regarding the Bangor Extension Ladder,…

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