Issue 26 and Volume 12.

SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE AND THE FIRE SERVICE. FIRST ARTICLE. To the Editor THE FIREMAN’S JOURNAL : THE FIREMAN’S JOURNAL, in its issue of June 16, 1883, reproduces an editorial from The London Fireman, in which the use of large streams at large fires is plainly criticized. Heretofore, in the articles I have written, reference has been made solely to large fires, but in this article I propose to refer to some of the general facts involved in fires of all classes, large and small. That editorial begins as follows An interesting discussion upon the relative value of large and small streams for fire extinguishing has recently been proceeding in the columns of THE FIREMAN’S JOURNAL of New York. The use of small streams is advocated by Mr. Charles Oyston, a veteran fireman, well known in America, and Chief Martin Cronin of Washington comes forward as the champion of large jets. We…

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