Issue 2 and Volume 1884 13.

CITY & VICINITY. NEW YORK DEPARTMENT. The fire commissioners voted to double the force of men, horses and apparatus in each of the following companies: Engine Companies No. 5, at 340 East Fourteenth street; No. 17, at No. 91 Ludlow street; No. 18, at No. 132 West Tenth street; No. 24, at No. 78 Morton street; No. 26, at No. 220 West Thirty-seventh street; No. 27, at No. 173 Franklin street, and Hook and Ladder Company No. 5, at No. 96 Charles street. THE MAYOR AND THE FIRE DEPARTMENT. Mayor Edson, in his annual message, has the following to say regarding the fire department: The fire department continues in a condition of high efficiency, which seems to pervade the entire system, as evinced by the methodical manner ol keeping the accounts and records of the department, as well as by the discipline and good order which prevails in all branches…

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