Issue 3 and Volume 1884 13.

CITY & VICINITY Early Wednesday morning fire broke out in A. Sartorious & Co.’s bronze, paint and oil warehouse, on the third floor of No. 31 Barclay street. Several small firms have rooms in the building. The National Car Spring Company and the Eureka Fire Hose Company occupy the ground floor. The damage, principally by water, was not over $1,500. HEADQUARTERS NOTES. The fire commissioners have prepared a circular, to be distributed among the force, calling attention to several of the details of their duty, and congratulating them upon the specially good points of the past year’s service. Chiefs of battalion are told that they must direct the movements of the officers and men at fires, and that this requirement is not satisfied when the chief remains on the sidewalks while his subordinates are inside battling against the flames. The commissioners also wish it understood that drunkenness, either in or…

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