Issue 3 and Volume 1884 13.

HOW TO REDUCE THE FIRE LOSS. THE JOURNAL has devoted considerable space of late to discussing the subject of the increasing fire losses of the country. The fire losses are increasing more rapidly than the increasing valuation of property warrants, while the amount of insurance carried by the companies is also being largely added to year by year. How alarmingly fire losses are increasing is indicated by the fact that the losses for November are estimated at $11,750,000, while the November losses during the preceding five years averaged only $6,500,000 each year. The losses for eleven months of this year are reported at over $90,000,000, which makes it highly probable that the aggregate for the year will exceed $100,000,000. A correspondent of The Philadelphia Item, evidently an underwriter, discussing the subject, thinks it a disgrace to the country that such a vast proportion of the nation’s wealth should be squandered…

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