Issue 13 and Volume 1884 13.

MINOR TOPICS WHO WILL CARE FOR MOTHERT “You look sad, Birdie—what’s the matter?” were the words addressed to Birdie McHenipin, by her friend Mollie Squeers, as they met on Austin avenue. “ I’m not feeling well.” “Are you sick ?” “ No. I’m not precisely sick ; but I feel tired, overworked.” “ Do tell me about it.” “ Well, you see, our colored cook is sick, and now poor mother has to do all the cooking, and scrubbing, and washing and ironing, and it makes me feel so tired to see the old creature work. She is so slow. SOUND THEOLOGY. “ Do you think we should always ‘ give the devil his due,’ as the saying goes ?” was asked a witty clergyman. “ Why should we not. in pity, if nothing elge, give him his dew?” queried the minister in reply; “he gets no water.” A GAMBLER’S…

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