Issue 13 and Volume 1884 13.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. FIRE COMMISSIONER JOHN BRENNAN of Jersey City has refunded $200 which was given to him from the firemen’s relief fund nearly two years ago to defray the expenses of an election contest in which he was engaged. Commissioner Windecker returned some time ago $80 donated to him from the fund to pay his doctor’s bill. Commissioner Speck has not made a restitution of $60 voted to him from the fund to pay a doctor’s bill. There is yet $300 unaccounted for which was illegally drawn from the relief fund. It was charged to “ expenses incurred ” and was used to pay the election expenses of two candidates for fire commissioners. They do some very peculiar things over in Jersey. The firemen will need to station a private watchman with a club over that fund if every politician who happens to be appointed fire commissioner is…

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