Issue 13 and Volume 1884 13.

The JOKER A sherry cobbler will never mend your old shoes. Guest: “This beer is very poor; I can hardly drink it.” Host: “Just close your eyes and drink it down.” Ten minutes later. Host: “ Hello, this is only half the price of your beer.” Guest: “Just close your eyes and put it in your pocket.” Mr. Bergh is still unmarried. What can he possibly know about cruelty ? Seven letters in the alphabet have always been in trouble, while four of them have always been in luck. There is a good deal in the movement cure. A frequently-spanked child generally enjoys good health. Batter is the name of a tenor singer in a New York church choir. He is occasionally put out by the first bass. Matrimony is said to a be lottery, but up to the hour of going to press no law has been enacted prohibiting…

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