Issue 14 and Volume 1884 13.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. THE Chicago Common Council are now discussing the project of increasing the pay of her firemen ten per cent over last year’s pay. It is to be hoped the measure will pass, as the boys certainly earn more than they have been receiving. For efficiency and hard work no department has a better record than that of Chicago. Among the firm friends of the firemen in this matter are Aldermen Hildreth, White and Dixon. THE JOURNAL hopes it will pass. READING, Pa., is proud of a fire company HI years old. Mount Holly, N. J., rejoices in one that antedates Reading by twenty-one years. This is Relief Fire Engine Company No. I, organized July u, 1752. The Relief Company has a complete record of its minutes from organization to date. This ancient organization still does active service, and is in thorough condition. They would be ready…

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