Issue 15 and Volume 1884 13.

RANDOM SPARKS —The annual parade of the Meadville, Pa., Department will take place in June. —Both Cuestrin and Riga have ladies to manage the fire alarm telegraph. —V. G. Deckout has been appointed chief of the Terre Haute Fire Department. —Millen, Ga., is happy over a water supply secured by means of an artesian well. —Biddeford and Saco, Me., have contracted for water-works to be begun at once and completed by January, 1886. —The Niagara Falls authorities have decided to buy another fire engine. The water supply there is regarded as abundant. —The reservoir of the Berkely water-works at Oakland, Cal., has recently been enlarged to a capacity of 10,000,000 gallons, and it is full. —Two attempts have recently been made to set fire to the hotels at Dundas, Ohio, and the citizens are greatly excited in consequence. —The second annual ball of the Martin Firemen’s Relief Association of Kansas…

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