Issue 26 and Volume 1884 13.

CITY & VICINITY NOTES. Police Superintendent Campbell of Brooklyn has instructed the captains to cause a strict enforcement of the Fourth of July ordinance prohibiting the use of weapons and fire crackers. The New York commissioner of public works reiterates his request that every householder be as sparing of water as possible. He declares that unless this is done there will be serious trouble before the fall rains again give a plentiful supply. Street sprinkling is limited as far as possible, and in other ways waste is prevented. Commissioner Thompson’s attention has been called to the fact that in a large majority of the drinking places in the city the water is allowed to run continuously, for the purpose of washing tumblers, etc., and by this means several millions of gallons are wasted daily. All the large restaurants and saloons had water meters put in them by tire department, to…

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