Issue 26 and Volume 1884 13.

SOMETHING ABOUT PATENTS. AMONG the various systems in use for supplying communities with water, there are several that are so ingenious and novel in their conception and operation that they are protected by letters patent. It has been a matter of complaint among consumers of water that the persons to whom they are indebted for special facilities in obtaining it should require compensation for the use of their inventions. In other words, while availing themselves of the invention, they grumble at being obliged to pay the inventor. Fortunately for civilization, the government and the courts take a more reasonable view of the matter, and hold that he who labors for the good of mankind is entitled to fair remuneration for his services; hence patents are issued by the government, and the courts sustain their validity. It is astonishing the amount of ignorance that exists regarding the rights of patentees and…

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