Issue 1 and Volume 1884 14.

MINOR TOPICS SUE ASKED TOO MUCH. As they were leaning over the gate he whispered to her that their married life would be one long honeymoon. He hoped to die if he would ever do or say anything to cause her one moment’s unhappiness. “ We ’ll live in a cottage? ” she asked. “ Yes.” “ With a lawn in front? ” “ Yes, a nice lawn.” “And we ’ll play croquet?” ” Y-e-s.” “And you ’ll let me beat you every time?” He was silent. His breast heaved, and he clutched the gate with an iron gr’P- “ Go hence—you do not love me ! ” she screamed at him. “1 know you’d move your ball and lie about going through the arches. Goodnight forever ! “ He looked after her until the front door slammed, and then he turned away with the remark : “ It was…

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