Issue 1 and Volume 1884 14.

MEN AND THINGS. A public trial of the new Silsby engine recently purchased for the fire department of Meriden, Conn., will take place in that city on Thursday, July 3, at two o’clock in the afternoon. A fire escape has been patented by John Larson and August W. Hagstrom of Stockholm, Wis. A specially contrived basket or chair is made to descend by a rope running over a series of pulleys, acting partially as brakes, but the speed of which can be regulated by a cam lever; the whole being easily operated and not liable to get out of order, and so made that it can be packed in a traveling bag. Sometime since we made note of the fact that John Travis of Albany had exhibited a gun in this city made for the purpose of shooting a life line into or on top of a building on fire…

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