Issue 1 and Volume 1884 14.

MISCELLANY. ARTESIAN WELLS IN NEW YORK. While the city authorities are debating how to provide a sufficient supply of water for the millions that are and are yet to be inhabitants of New York, private individuals are solving the problem for themselves in a very practical way. Almost all the brewers of the city have artesian wells or are sinking them. Several dry goods and other business firms are also adding to their liquid stores in the same direction. Tracy & Russell are boring on the sidewalk of their big building on Greenwich avenue, and have gone as deep as 815 feet to find a How of brackish water, averaging about eight gallons a minute. They have been at it about six weeks. They expect to sink a couple of hundred or more feet before they come to a good supply of clear, sweet water. George Ehret, on East Ninetysecond…

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