Issue 3 and Volume 1884 14.

RANDOM SPARKS —The loss by fire in Buffalo during June amounted to $57,658. The average loss per each fire was $360. —The Independent Cataract Engine Company No. 4 of Hopkinton, Mass., took an excursion to Rocky Point, R. I., July 5. — Newton, Mass,, with 16,000 inhabitants, had five fires Fourth of July, exceeding the diurnal average of the great city of New York. —The Erie Engine Company No. 4 of Byfield, Mass., have purchased the old North Star engine of Milford of H. H. Easterbrook of Boston. —Thomas Morse has been elected foreman of Contest Engine Company No. 5, Fairhavcn, Mass., vice Samuel McDonald, who has removed to Hyannis. At Philips, Me., a citizen offered the fire company a valuable cup if they would throw water 175 feet. They succeeded in doing it with seven feet to spare, —While America has generally recognized that paid firemen are a necessity,…

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