Issue 5 and Volume 1884 14.

The JOKER The old man who will take the young man aside and counsel him on the importance of working hard, and never pausing in his labor until he has made a fortune, will seldom fail to stop working himself and fold his arms in silent enjoyment when a circus procession passes by. “ Ah, Charlie, my dear boy, what’s your hurry?” “ Well, to tell you the truth, Ned, my defalcation has been found out and I am in rather a hurry to get away.” “ Well, come up to the club and tell me about it, and-” “No, I really can’t; 1 have got to leave in the morning. The sheriff has just told me that 1 will be arrested in a day or so.” “ Well, good-bye, old man ; write when you have time.” If you happen to notice a young man with a merry light…

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