Issue 5 and Volume 1884 14.

MISCELLANY. THE CITY WATER SUPPLY. We have reached the season of the year when the department of public works and the newspapers begin to exhort the public to stop the waste of water, and when each citizen begins to exhort his neighbors to be economical in the use of water, and when everybody begins to complain of leaks in other people’s pipes, and when rumors abound that evil-disposed persons are using hose for moistening their back yards, and when caitiff street sprinklers are drawing water on the sly and distributing it over the pavements, and when the only thing certain is that the water in the reservoir is falling, and that everybody is in ill humor, and that there is no remedy. This condition of things comes around as regularly as the seasons. We have got used to it, but we cannot get reconciled to it. We grumble over it,…

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