Issue 8 and Volume 1884 14.

RANDOM SPARKS —Lockport firemen contemplate visiting Toronto about the first of September. —Wheeling, West Va., has just purchased a new Silsby engine, which was successfully tested and accepted last week. —Protection Truck Company of Dover, N. J., has elected A. B. Byram as foreman, and C. H. Bennett assistant foreman. —Norwich will give up its cement and sheet-iron water pipes for castiron, because the lightning damages them too much. —The Somerville (N. J.) Department will parade on September 1, and the New Brunswick Department will parade on the same day. Independent Hose Company of Morristown, N.J., has re-elected Dr. HofTman as foreman and H. T. Hull as assistant foreman. —At Huron, Dakota, the city officials have tested the system of waterworks recently finished, and find that it operates satisfactorily. —Win. H. Lambert of Vigilant Hose Company of Dover, N. J., has been elected foreman of that company for the tenth…

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