Issue 13 and Volume 1884 14.

MINOR TOPICS WANTS HIS NAME CHANGED. Office of Register: German Voter—“I vant to get my name changt.” Register—“ You mean your place of residence, don’t you?” G. V.—“ Yes; I haf been mooft.” Reg.—”Where did you move?” G. V.—“ I mooft agross the streedt.” Reg.—“But where did you move from?” G. V.—”From the olt blace on the odder side.” Reg.—”Well, of course, but what is your name and number?” G. V.—” It is the same name and number. I took him agross the streedt mit me.” ANOTHER LEAP-YEAR EPISODE. There was a party across the river the other night. Toward the close she slipped to his side, and sweetly asked : ” Going home yourself, Charlie ?” * “ Would you like some one to see you home?” “ Depends on who it is.” His answers were short and crusty. Many a one would Have been disheartened, but Lucy was…

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