Issue 14 and Volume 1884 14.

The JOKER Enquirer asks: “What shall I do to keep my greyhound from howling at night?” Did you ever try feeding him on Paris green? A new form of duel has lately been adopted in Mexico. The aggrieved party challenges his opponent to a ride on the Mexican Central Railroad. Jones—“Hello! Where were you all last week?” Smith—“Down to the seashore.” Jones—” Did you have a comfortable time?” Smith—” Oh, yes; I made friends with the cook, and she let me sit by the stove.” A retired base-ballist of some literary skill was asked to write an epitaph for a man who had just died after marrying his third wife. The ex-batter produced the following terse but expressive sentiment: “ Out on third.” “ I never saw such a woman in all my life,” said Bass ; “ you are never satisfied with anything.” “ People who knew the man…

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