Issue 26 and Volume 1884 14.

RANDOM SPARKS —Marshal, Tex., has purchased a Silsby steam fire engine and 1000 feet of hose. —Sacred Heart, Minn., has purchased a hand fire engine and 500 feet of hose. —Newark, N. J., is to have a new repeater, which will be in operation this week. —The city council of Worcester, Mass., has re-elected its old board of engineers. —The fire department of Lawrence, Mass., is about to purchase an Amoskeag steamer. —Elmer Van Volkenburg’s resignation has been accepted by the Newark (N. J.) common council. —E. P. Allen has been elected foreman of the H. P. Mackintosh Steamer Company of Newburyport, Mass, —There has been a controversy going on at Indianapolis among the fire authorities, and the last decision of the court lays the fire board in the dust and confers the management of the department on the chief engineer, giving to him the power of appointment and dismissal.…

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