Issue 26 and Volume 1884 14.

CITY & VICINITY BURNING OF PRATT’S OIL WORKS. The works of the Pratt Astral Oil Works, in North Twelfth street, Brooklyn, were completely destroyed by fire on Sunday afternoon. It was shortly after noon when, from some unknown cause, a tank of oil exploded, which spread destruction far and near, causing others to follow suit at intervals during the afternoon and night. The firemen had a hard time fighting the fire, and were taxed to their utmost by the tremendous heat. The hats of some of the firemen were burned and warped to uselessness on their heads. The block occupied by the works extends from First street to the East river and from North Twelfth street to Bushwick creek, covering an area of about thirty acres. The eastern half of the block is occupied by substantial brick buildings, from two to four stories high, which are devoted to the manufacture…

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