Issue 26 and Volume 1884 14.

The JOKER If thy neighbor offend thee buy his boy a drum. One of the latest recipes: If you step on a dude’s boot you are likely to make calf’s foot jelly. A boy who once kissed the schoolmarm is now the Mayor of a Western city. When one enters upon a career of crime there’s no knowing where he may end. An old maid in Nashville keeps a parrot which swears, and a monkey which chews tobacco. She says between the two she doesn’t miss a husband very much. “ Has that baby got the jaundice ?” asked a cranky old bachelor of a young mother. “Of course it hasn’t. Why do you think so?” “ Because it is such an ugly yeller.” Princess Beatrice is still without a husband. The men who want her are not higti enough up in the social scale, and the men she wants…

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