Issue 26 and Volume 1884 14.

MISCELLANY. WHAT CONSTITUTES ARSON. In a recent number of The American Law Journal, R. D. Fisher has entered into an elaborate review of the authorities as to what constitutes the crime of arson. Some of his conclusions arc as follows: The intent maliciously to set fire to a building of another, and in pursuance of such intent to set fire to any combustible matter in the same, is an offense at common law, and every person is guilty of arson who willfully and maliciously burns any house, edifice, structure, vessel, or other erection, capable of affording shelter to human beings, or appurtenant to or connected with any erection so adapted. The putting fire to, or placing fire upon, or against, or in connection with,.are equivalent to actually setting fire to with intent to burn. Setting fire to goods in a house, the setting fire to which house would be a…

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