Issue 1 and Volume 1885 15.

MISCELLANY. A NEW FIREMAN. “Have you heard how the boys are giving it to the driver of the supply-wagon over at Chemical Company No. 1’S house?” asked one natty-looking fireman of a brother member of the department. “No. What is it about?” “Why, you see, this young feller hadn’t been in the house long, and the neighborhood was sort o’ new to him. Saturday night, when he was coming from supper, and as he got near the house, he happened to look up to a window in a dwelling he was passing, and the hair stood up straight on his head when he seen the room was all ablaze inside. Then he legs it to the Chemical Company’s house, rushes in the front door, yells ‘ Fire !’ to Lynch, and pushes the button. By the time they got hooked up he had caught enough breath to gasp : ‘…

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