Issue 8 and Volume 1885 15.

MINOR TOPICS REM A RKA BL V COOL. A nobleman was traveling on a train which met with an accident. As soon as he recovered from the shock he inquired: “Where is my servant?” “He was cut in two,” was the reply. “Will you be kind enough to find in which part of him he has got my luggage keys, so that I can get my smelling salts ?” my lord directed. SOME OTHER BASIS. A young Bostonian who recently went up among the hills of Vermont to get married to a farmer’s daughter was^taken to task by the old man as follows: “Now, Jeems, this ’ere match was kinder brought about by you and Susie, and I’ve had no chance to say anything to you. How much are you worth ?” “ Well,” replied Jeems after some hesitation, “ putting it on the basis of Western Union at fifty-seven,…

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