Issue 13 and Volume 1885 15.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. AFTER a recent fire at Norfolk, Va., the fire marshal summoned a jury to ascertain the cause, that practical veteran fireman, Thomas B. Rowland, serving as foreman of the same. The jury inspected the premises, and came to the conclusion that the proprietor of the store was overinsured, and that there was reason to believe the fire was of incendiary origin. A report to this effect was submitted to the marshal, formally signed by the six jurymen, and was duly printed in full in the Norfolk papers. That is a sensible way of treating a suspicious fire ; if wrong has been done let the facts be known, that the community may know what kind of citizens they have in their midst. The insurance companies were censured by the jury for carrying more insurance on the property than its value, thus placing temptation in the way…

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