Issue 13 and Volume 1885 15.

The JOKER When a man has a business that doesn’t pay, he usually begins to look around for a partner to share his losses. What is a luxury? asks an exchange. A luxury is something you don’t want until you see somebody else with it. “Who is that across the street?” “Oh, that is a very close friend of mine.” “ Indeed ?” “ Yes. Never lends a cent.” “Good evening, miss; do you rinkulate this evening?” “Not this evening ; but my sister Kate will zampillarotate. Good evening.” A Cleveland widow recently cowhided a young man who refused to marry her on the day appointed. She was merciful. She might have married him. “No,” said the burglar to his pal, “ there is no use of our breaking into that house to-night. I saw a man collect the gas bill there this morning.” The New Orleans Picayune says: “Avoid…

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