Issue 14 and Volume 1885 15.

MINOR TOPICS. SHE GOT IT. An absent husband telegraphed to his wife, “I send you a kiss.” He received the reply, “Spruce young man called and delivered the kiss in good order.” PSYCHOLOGY. It is an interesting psychological fact that stern and inflexible parents often fail to see those shining qualities in the young gentleman whom their only daughters happen to meet. “ Evangela, my dear,” said one of these sharp-sighted parents, “that young gentleman I saw you with doesn’t seem to have a great deal of dynamite force in his brain.” Oh, pa ! he is truly elegant. Me is—” “ Decidedly the most insipid Hat I’ve seen for many a day. He hasn’t anything in his head.” “ No, pa, I know he hasn’t; but his heels arc a perfect symphony, a baccarolle—” ” His heels?” “Oh, yes, pa, dear; he is the most delightfully lovely fancy skater…

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